Healthcare Law

Healthcare Law

Caring for the Carers

Healthcare professionals and business entities have a myriad of regulations that require scrutiny above and beyond the typical legal issues affecting non-healthcare professionals and businesses. This is why it is essential to hire legal counsel with comprehensive and broad-spectrum experience in healthcare law. Kathrine Nicol has over 20 years of experience including roles as both inside and outside general counsel for hospital systems, as well as representing providers and healthcare businesses nationwide. Kathrine has experience in all aspects of healthcare transactions. Her tremendous depth of expertise enables her to originate unique and innovative solutions.  She provides her clients with insight and advice that not only grows the bottom line but also enables them to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape.

Healthcare Transactions

Healthcare businesses, including providers, require agreements for various relationships such as: employment relationships, independent contractor relationships, equipment leases, office space leases, recruitment agreements, and professional services arrangements.  These agreements must be reviewed for business terms as well as regulatory compliance.  In many transactions, Stark, Anti-Kickback, False Claims Act and other fraud and abuse laws must be taken into consideration. More complex state law rules and regulations such as prohibitions regarding the corporate practice of medicine, and fee-splitting must also be considered.  Kathrine Nicol has expertise in analyzing and drafting the full ambit of contractual relations between healthcare entities and providers including, but not limited to; physicians, physician groups, hospitals, health systems, hospices, home health agencies, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities and Direct Primary Care as well as other forms of alternative pay models.


As a former federal law clerk, associate of a global law firm, and founder of her own law practice, Kathrine’s litigation experience is extensive and includes representing clients in a multitude of arenas ranging from federal and state court to mediation, arbitration, and medical/nursing board hearings.  She has the aptitude and experience to represent you in healthcare dispute resolutions for any controversy within the healthcare system

Compliance and HIPAA

Aside from transactional and litigation services, Kathrine is well-versed in compliance program drafting and instruction. Regarding HIPAA, Kathrine has extensive knowledge in the many aspects of the Privacy and Security Rules and provides organizations with effective compliance programs including instructing employees and staff on the correct use and disclosure of PHI and the physical network and process security measures required under HIPAA. Her tried-and-true experience in healthcare gives her the knowledge of relevant regulations and expertise in compliance processes. This experience enables her to draft effective regulatory compliance plans for any healthcare business. Rest assured your plan will be thorough, will address legal obligations and will promote organizational integrity.

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